Pictures of 2023




Picture of December 2023

At the beginning of December we had unusually cool nights, combined with a lot of humidity, which resulted in some interesting photo opportunities. The birds certainly didn't find it so funny.


Picture of November 2023

After a lot of rain during November, on time at the end of the month, at the 1st advent, even Keltern had snow.


Picture of October 2023

The forest is currently rustling, many deciduous trees are already beginning to shed their leaves. During a foray through the forest in recent days, there were many species of mushrooms to discover.


Picture of September 2023

It's getting to be autumn and there are few insects left in the meadows and woods, but you can still find some splashes of color.


Picture of August 2023

At the end of August we flew once again to Sulawesi to find and photograph the local macro motifs in the Lembeh Strait. Antje took part in a workshop by Lilian Koh under the motto "Creative Lighting", Roland was again underwater with the video camera. As last year, we stayed at Solitude Lembeh Resort, which we are happy to recommend here. Travelogue will follow!


Picture of July 2023

This year we had some surprising encounters with owl birds, we met in a meadow orchard the Little Owl with his partner. In the Ellmendingen forest we were able to observe family Tawny Owl during the flight of the young over several days. And we also heard and saw the long-eared owls near the 'Unterwald'.


Picture of June 2023

We were mostly on the water in late May to mid-June looking for big fish in the Pacific Ocean. We played with sea lions off La Paz and watched jumping mobulas and dolphins in the Sea of Cortez. Several whales crossed our cruises and on the last day we had a tour to the nesting sites of blue footed boobies and frigate birds, we also found a beautiful bay with many turtles in Spiritus Santo National Park. In the second half of the vacation we had a reunion with the MY Nautilus Undersea and on the Socorro trip many interactions with sharks and manta rays.


Picture of May 2023

For some time now we have again occasionally one or two female deer in our natural garden, the various wildflowers apparently taste good and the shrub roses have also been nibbled.


Picture of April 2023

Since mid-April we have a pair of white storks visiting Ellmendingen. First in the meadows at the Roggenschleh traffic circle, then also in the nesting aid on the roof of the Barbara church to see. During the day they often stay on the soccer field of the TUS, apparently there are many earthworms to get there. We managed to get the data of one bird at the ornithological station in Radolfzell due to ringing of the other bird: A3R90 was ringed in June 2021 in Bietigheim (North Baden) as a nestling, so it is currently almost 2 years old, probably still a bit young for breeding.


Picture of March 2023

Unexpected encounter with a cool roebuck. Monsieur had to quickly finish peeing before he and his companion took off.


Picture of February 2023

The temperatures in late winter were again very mixed. In mid-February, the amphibians awoke from their winter dormancy and partly already set out again. The starlings now come by daily and show themselves, partly the nest box is already cleaned. Blue tits and great tits are already very belligerent, apparently the number of nest boxes is no longer sufficient. Also the squirrels are already very active, steal nuts and other things from the bird feeders and probably prepare for the spring, first Kobel were already built.


Picture of January 2023

In January we spent a few days in East Frisia on the coast of the North Sea. With bearable temperatures, on some days with a strong wind, we were able to make many excursions in the territory of 'chief inspector Ann Kathrin Klaasen'. Visits to Norddeich, Wilhelmshaven, Dangast, Aurich, Neuharlingersiel and Greetsiel were of course not to be missed. Always impressive in the morning and evening were the flights of wild geese, on this photo the white-cheeked geese at the Otto lighthouse in Pilsum.