Pictures of 2016




Picture of December 2016

The days are currently quite short and the necessary light exists only early in the morning, because it is mostly cloudy. A beautiful opportunity to photograph songbirds currently is offered by an uncut sunflower field in our nature reserve "Roggenschleh". Here you can find various species like this dunnock, beech- and green finches, blue- and great tits, goldfinch and wren.


Picture of November 2016

Lights and shadows of the red dunes in Namib-Naukluft-park had already intrigued us in 2014. And this year we have enjoyed it again. Namibia really is worth a trip and we definitely will come back.


Picture of October 2016

Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia were the targets of our trip to the southern part of Africa. Therefore, the photo of this month is, of course, chosen from the many pictures brought back, here a hippo pool in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana at sunset. Travel report is already worked on!


Picture of September 2016

This year, the migration probably starts partially very early. On August 25th, we met a rare guest at a lake in the district of Karlsruhe, the osprey (Pandion haliaetus). It breeds mostly in coastal waters and on the shores of the Mediterranean and winters in Africa. Here, there is a good opportunity to observe him mostly in late summer and autumn.


Picture of August 2016

On the occasion of a significant birthday we had decided to make a little trip to the Chiemsee. Besides the well-known attractions we have been able to take this photo from the rising mist over the lake in the morning at 5: 30h.


Picture of July 2016

2016 seems to be an extraordinary year for flowers despite the comparatively lower temperatures and the many rains, at least in the first six months. Incredible numbers of wild orchids blossom in several places in the western Enzkreis, here you can see a lady orchid (orchis purpurea) on a flower meadow in the nature reserve Essigberg.


Picture of June 2016

In our garden and the pond more and more birds of different species meet, most of them also nest here and in the surrounding area. Some we want to show here, from down left, further clockwise: Common Linnet - Black Redstart - Eurasian Blackcap - Blue Tit - European Robin - Great Spotted Woodpecker - Great Tit - European Sirin.


Picture of May 2016

In the bell tower of our church currently two Western jackdaw couple breed, kids should hatch soon. The kestrel at the same tower, the courtship is over, here we are waiting for the laying of eggs. With luck it'll appear in the window niche of the tower, where we have installed a camera last fall. The breeding events can be observed live Click here


Picture of April 2016

The macro season has begun and we have already found the first early-spring flowering plants and photographed - windflower, liverworts and pasqueflower - any time of the day a great motive.


Picture of March 2016

The dive sites of the National Park Raja Ampat are among the best and most intact of the world. This area, which belongs to Indonesia, has long been on our wish list. 12 days we were on the AMIRA (Princess) and have seen beautiful coral gardens, a variety of fish, oceanic manta rays (the Big ones!) and endemic species like tasseled Wobbegong and Walking Shark.


Picture of February 2016

Last month, we were hosted by Andrea Capol and his wife Sylvia, who allowed us to encounter with a rare inhabitant of the Swiss Jura, the Wallcreeper (Tichodroma muraria). Thanks again for that!


Picture of January 2016

We wish all visitors of our homepage a Happy New Year, luck and prosperity for 2016. The picture has been taken on
New Years Eve shortly before the main fireworks started. It shows the view from our balcony.