Pictures of 2014



Picture of the month December 2014

Picture of December 2014

It looks like a typical winter morning, but the temperatures are rather spring like. We are very interested to see whether we can expect a similarly mild winter like the last one. The photo was taken in our neighborhood, here in the summer we had many encounters with red and black kites.

Picture of the month November 2014

Picture of November 2014

We were at the cranes once again. The waters of the National Park "Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft " (lagoon region of the Pomeranian Baltic coast) offer quiet resting-waters to the "birds of happiness" and a large food supply. Each year thousands of cranes stay here for several weeks in spring and autumn on their long journey to the south.

Picture of the month October 2014

Picture of October 2014

Sossusvlei - An ocean of colors or a dream of red sand, depending on the time of day in bright red, orange or yellow tones. This was one of our major highlights of our Namibia tour last month.

Picture of the month September 2014

Picture of September 2014

We once again were diving in the Red Sea and at Daedalus reef. We had not only a reunion with the hammerhead sharks, but also the first time many encounters with manta rays. These were not so shy, even searched repeatedly the contact with the divers. Without a doubt one of our personal favorites in the 2014th.

Pic of the month august 2014

Picture of August 2014

Red Kites and Black Kites were seen very numerous this summer in the Enz-region, probably a positive result of the mild winter. Partial larger sleeping communities were formed, we counted up to 12 birds on a tree, but the exact number was not possible to be determined. The food-supply situation seemed to be very good, because in the same area many buzzards, kestrels and herons were observed too for several weeks.

Pic of the month july 2014

Picture of July 2014

This picture has been taken at the river 'Little Ohe' in the Bavarian Forest during the photo-workshop Landscape- and Nature-Photography guided by Radomir Jakubowski.

picture of june 2014

Picture of June 2014

It is always exciting to watch how animals settle in our newly landscaped garden. In this case, the small forest lizard that apparently feels comfortable in our drywall.

picture of may 2014

Picture of May 2014

The dipper (cinclus cinclus) has long been on our wish list. She dives, swims and runs under water. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to observe in the river Enz area a few times after we moved here. This photo was taken on the Swabian Alb in "dippers paradise", thank you to Uschi for the advise!

picture of april 2014

Picture of April 2014

Spring has announced himself this year quite early, so the birds in our garden started quite early with their nest-building activities too. This year we do have a Blue-tit daddy who can be easily distinguished on his nose, which he seems to always stick deeply into the flower pollen.

picture of march 2014

Picture of March 2014

Grey Reef Shark (Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos) - The up to 255 cm long shark prefers coastal waters and feeds on fish, cephalopods and crustaceans. We had the great pleasure of being able to watch them in courtship up close and in large numbers in February / March 2014 in the waters of Palau.

picture of february 2014

Picture of February 2014

Kestrels are the second most common birds of prey in Germany after the buzzards. Beginning of this year we had many encounters with single kestrels which have not at all been shy.

picture of january 2014

Picture of January 2014

One of our underwater photos found its way once again into the calendar 2014 of the forum "". See here: The Giant Squirrelfish we photographed in early 2012 on Nassimo Thila, an incredibly beautiful covered reef in North Male Atoll.