Pictures of 2017




Picture of December 2017

In November 2017 we spent 12 days with the KLM ILIKE in Raja Ampat's island paradise on the occasion of the Seacam Shootout. The travelogue about this tour is already under construction and will be published in the next days.


Picture of November 2017

In search of motives for the photo competition 2017 we were also in Stuttgart to photograph the city library. This was built on the so-called A1 area of the Stuttgart 21 master plan on the site of the former freight station in the Europe-quarter (Europaviertel) and was opened in 2011.


Picture of October 2017

At the end of September we spent a few days at the Federsee. Due to the existence of different habitats, a high biodiversity of animals and plants can be found here.

As a European bird sanctuary, Federsee is home to 268 bird species. More than 700 species of plants grow in the marshes, while 15 species of fish live in the lake and ditches. Bat species have also been found in the insect-rich marshes.

In autumn there is a good chance to observe the rare bearded tits in the reeds.


Picture of September 2017

The "Wallberg" in Pforzheim is a natural elevation, which after the destruction during World War II was impounded with debris of the city. The mountain is therefore also called "Monte Scherbelino" (means: "Hill build from broken ceramics") and is well suited as a point of view to the city, the three valleys and the neighboring municipalities.


Picture of August 2017

In the last few weeks, we spent a lot of time again with the kestrels. Within a radius of about 6 kilometers, we were able to observe three breedings, raising and outing of young kestrel. One by camera in the bell-tower of the Barbara-church and also in Nöttingen and Dietlingen, each in the garden of somebody. There was an interested audience everywhere, which pleased us very much. We will continue with the project "kestrel web-cam" in Ellmendingen in any case next year.


Picture of July 2017

The highlight of last month has been our one-week trip with a vessel of the Hurtigruten along the coastline of Norway. Sun was shining even in the night, the rest of the time we had blue sky, rain-drizzle and heavy clouds. We have seen snow covered hills, have done a sight-seeing tour in Hammerfest, Trondheim and Bergen. We also have seen sea-eagles in the Trollfjord and have been introduced into the islands of the Versterålen and Lofoten.


Picture of June 2017

For sure we also brought photos home from our trip to Indonesia. This one shows a hermit-crab carrying his home, an empty shell of a clam. More photos we have placed into our trip-report which has been finished and uploaded. Click here!


Picture of May 2017

We have been in Indonesia again for diving, first in the Lembeh Strait (KBR) and in the second week in the Bunaken Marine Park (Siladen Resort & Spa). The picture shows our friends of the Kungkungan Bay Resort. We are looking forward to seeing them again. The travel report is already in preparation.


Picture of April 2017

The amphibians were on the road again, last month we were on the way to help the frogs, toads and fire salamanders across the street. Our photo shows a pair of common frogs on the way to their spawning-area.


Picture of March 2017

In February, we spent two weeks in sunny Florida, six days of which with the sea-cows at Crystal River. Especially in the cool morning hours a lot of manatees strolled in the warm waters.
A travel report about our encounters with the gray giants and the fascinating birds-world we have already finished (uploaded).


Picture of February 2017

Winter has been keeping us under control for several weeks already. At the rivers Enz, Nagold and Würm in Pforzheim, there are currently many icy spots. Slowly it gets tight for the waterfowl.


Picture of January 2017

We spent the year changing on the beautiful Canary Island of Lanzarote. The photo was taken on the occasion of a tour through the "Parque Nacional de Timanfaya" - hot magma formed the landscape which is a true natural wonder and we were very impressed.