Pictures of 2012



Picture of december 2012

Picture of December 2012

The nuthatch, this year was one of our most loyal visitors. The family has been in our garden in the summer with their youngsters. In early winter, always in search of peanuts, which are brought to the depot. Some disputes are not avoidable but then usually the nuthatch wins.

Foto des Monats November 2012

Picture of November 2012

This is a Celebes Macaque, seen last month during a rain forest hike in Tangkoko Batuangus Natural Park in North Sulawesi (Indonesia). The species is endangered due to deforestation.

Foto des Monats Oktober 2012

Picture of October 2012

This buzzard was seen in the last few weeks every day on his very special hunting spot.

Foto des Monats September 2012

Picture of September 2012

Sometimes it's fun to deal with other motives. This is the attempt to capture a honey bee on approach to the tansy. We have a new division set in the Photo Gallery ("Animals \ Macros").

Foto des Monats August 2012

Picture of August 2012

Last month, once again we were in the Red Sea traveling on the Marine Park Tour (Brothers, Daedalus, Elphinstone) with the M / Y Quick Shadow. Most of the dives we made on Daedalus Reef. Here fortunately we had many encounters with big fish such as Grey shark, Silky Shark, Hammerhead and Longimanus.

Foto des Monats Juli 2012

Picture of July 2012

In July, as in previous weeks, we have many young birds visiting us again this year - here a young blue tit as an example. The breeding, rearing, and the excursion of the 10 young tits has been documented with our nest box camera, video clips can be found under "Birdwatch".
In addition to the blue tits there are currently still young tits, house sparrows, blackbirds, chaffinches, Black Redstarts and recently the Jay again to find in our garden.

Foto des Monats Juni 2012

Picture of June 2012

The photo of the month of June shows the location Waagejot on the island of Texel. This morning it was very foggy at first, but with the appearance of the sun above the dike the light got fantastic at this moment.

Foto des Monats Mai 2012

Picture of May 2012

The photo of the month shows the view from the observation tower of the Tister Moore, which we rather randomly had visited on a trip to Hamburg. The observation of cranes is always very exciting, here we were very lucky because despite the great distance the light for photography was quite good. More shots of the "Tister Bauern Moor" can be found in the "Bird Watching" section.

Foto des Monats April 2012

Picture of April 2012

The photo of the month shows an anemone fish, photographed on Kudarah Thila dive site at the Ari Atoll (Maldives) during our live aboard with the M / Y Ari Queen.

Foto des Monats März 2012

Picture of March 2012

The photo of this month is dedicated to our Gundi. It is one of her last pictures before her sudden death at the age of almost 16 years. We miss our little clown very much, she has been a great family dog with plenty of exercise joy and a penchant for sniffing, petting, water (but only paddling, no swimming!), Chucks and especially for small children, simply a real Cocker Spaniel.

Foto des Monats Februar 2012

Picture of February 2012

The photo of the month February 2012 shows a fox, probably venturing from its burrow in search of food. Unfortunately, the terrain is very open, there is no real hide for taking pictures. On the second visit we even have seen a second fox tucked next to a bush warning the first, the two then fled together.

Foto des Monats Januar 2012

Picture of January 2012

Our photo of the month January 2012 shows a spider crab, seen and photographed in North Sulawesi. The photo has been exhibited in 2012 during the Dusseldorf "Boat" show. In the "Top Shot" competition it had reached the round of 20 best images in the "macro" category.