Pictures of 2015




Picture of December 2015

We have been in the paradise of macro-photography again. At the Lembeh-Strait you can find and "admire" rare and strange looking inhabitants of the sea, i.e. these nudibranchs.


Picture of November 2015

Last month, we once again were in the national park 'Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft' and especially enjoyed watching the morning and evening flights of the cranes to and from the island of Kirr in close proximity. A special treat also was a visit to the 'Buchhorster Maase' in the forest of the Darss, where we had a peak into the deer rut. This weekend has been organized by the School of Photography Zingst. We want to especially thank our tour guides Matthias Barth and Martin Harms.


Picture of October 2015

The castle of St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, UK peaks out of a granite-rock, visible from far away at the sea. The counterpart to the french Mont St. Michel is originated from the same order of the benedicts. We'd also like to thank Tanja Ghiradini who has disclosed to us many hints for the photography of landscape with a lot of sensitivity.


Picture of September 2015

We once again were on the MY Independence II in the Red Sea on a tour with an exceptional amount of wind and waves. There were fortunately often to see dolphins, sharks hide themselves probably due to the relatively high water temperatures. This mangrove stingray we found on a sand surface at Shaab Maksour.


Picture of August 2015

We could really not have dreamed that deer roams in and around our garden. Even with their children, they are not at all shy and do not nibble at our plants. There is apparently enough food for all outside the property boundaries.


Picture of July 2015

Also in 2015, we have spent a lot of time with the kestrel of our community. Earlier this year, they could be seen on the tower of Barbara-Church, where they breeded again in spring. Since early June the 6 were more or less "ready to fly", the exit then took a total of nearly three weeks. For the coming year there is a new project for us, the installation of a webcam in front of the hatchery at the belltower. Maybe the barn owl finds its nest box again, located next floor close to the bells.


Picture of June 2015

In our immediate surroundings during April and July several wild orchids are found such as Orchis militaris, Gymnadenia conopsea, Ophrys apifera, Himantoglossum hircinum, Orchis purpurea, to name just a few. These are probably some of the nicest motivs in macro photography.


Picture of May 2015

The dipper breeds in our immediate surroundings, which makes us very happy. It always lives near the water like the kingfisher and the wren and can both, dive and swim. As we several times have observed it this month, the dipper must be part of our gallery of photos of the month.


Picture of April 2015

The hummingbirds accompanied us almost two weeks during our Costa Rican tour. They belong to the family Trochilidae, with the smallest, lightest and most colorful birds of the world, however, they are found only in the Americas. The beauty of their shiny plumage is also found in their names: nymphs, gnomes and fairies. The Spanish name "Picaflor" describes their diet; they feed on nectar which they drink from flowers


Picture of March 2015

In Costa Rica, we participated in a photography workshop and brought home many wonderful memories. Here is just one example of how nature could also inspire us in miniature.


Picture of the month February 2015

When counting water birds last month, we met for the first time in the region a single black swan. As we find a beautiful animal, immigrated from Australia to the Netherlands, it can now be found in Germany free-living.


Picture of the month January 2015

Our first picture of the month in 2015 is a review to some photographic highlights of the previous year.