Pictures of 2021




Picture of April 2021

For the first time this spring, starlings are breeding in one of our nest boxes. The young are already quite loud, possibly they will fly out in the next few days. The blackbirds seem to have already left their nests, the great tits and blue tits are still feeding intensively and, due to the rather low temperatures, are still hibernating a lot. You can observe the events live via our nest box cameras here on our homepage under the heading "Tit webcams".


Picture of March 2021

We found pasqueflowers (Pulsatilla vulgaris) not only along the river Enz on the Kammertenberg, but also in our garden these early bloomers feel at home. They are a favorite landing place for many insects. Bees and bumblebees enjoy the beautiful flowers, as they are rich in pollen and nectar.


Picture of February 2021

In February the White-throated dippers were very active at the river Alb in Bad Herrenalb, at least 3 were busy building their nests, maybe this year we will manage to find the young birds.


Picture of January 2021

Corona still has us in its grip and somehow all is different this winter. Unusually much snow and ice also reached our region, in between there were some opportunities to enjoy the white splendor in January. The photo was taken on the 'Sommerberg' in Bad Wildbad.