Pictures of 2018




Picture of December 2018

At the turn of the year we spent 10 days on Tenerife to explore the island of eternal spring. We especially liked the fascinating volcanic world of the Teide and the laurel forests of the Anaga mountains.
The photo is more or less a random product, the Little Egret came from behind and the camera was set to a slow exposure time.


Picture of November 2018

End of September we have been to a photo-workshop at the Lofoten, Norway. Besides intense experiences with the 8 highly motivated photographers the professional guidance of Sven Herdt has shown us how to get pictures more impressive and in higher quality. Here a picture of a beach, taken in the morning with long exposure time (30 seconds). At a different spot we even were able to see aurora borealis in the evening.


Picture of October 2018

The European praying mantis (mantis religiosa) was until now mainly to be found along the river Rhine and here in particular around the Kaiserstuhl, the warmest region in Germany. But since some time we find them also in the Enz-region, this year even in our own garden.


Picture of September 2018

The summer seems to be over very quickly this year. Due to the heat and the associated drought, many flowers have already faded and some insects can no longer be seen. The birds are also gathering again to fly to the south.


Picture of August 2018

Last month we were in the Red Sea once again, with the M/Y Independence II to the most beautiful dive sites of the marine park: Brother Islands - Daedalus - Elphinstone. Here an octopus showed up, which wanted to be photographed probably urgently.


Picture of July 2018

Around the 'Kaiserstuhl' (highland in the southwest of Germany) many white storks breed, in this stork nest in Gottenheim only one young was raised. We had to wait a long time for the beautiful evening light and then the stork-dad came back from an excursion at the right time.

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Picture of June 2018

Since the end of March we have two Black-Redstart in the garden, which had built a nest in our semi-cave next to the terrace. The male was strikingly ringed and after a few days it was possible to read off the metal ring from several photos from different perspectives. Contact with the European ringing centre EURING was established and we were informed that "our" redstart was ringed in October 2017 on the occasion of the autumn migration in Barcelona/Spain. Due to its size it is relatively rare to identify a living songbird and we were a bit proud that we had succeeded.


Picture of May 2018

At the end of April we were in the north again, 3 days in Schleswig-Holstein and for the rest of the week on Helgoland. As to be expected, the wind blew quite strongly, the photo from the 'Lummenfelsen' (rock of the murre) in the direction of 'Lange Anna' (long Anna, the name of the rocky peak) had been taken at wind force 6. hardly possible without a tripod.


Picture of April 2018

Winter still had us firmly under control in March, the carpet of flowers of the Siberian blue-star in the castle park in Karlsruhe was covered by snow for several days.


Picture of March 2018

Representing many special encounters during our Mexico, Socorro trip with manta rays, sharks and dolphins, here is a Giant Oceanic Manta that has seeked the neighbourhood of divers volutarily.


Picture of February 2018

The Düsseldorf-Hafen is and always will be photogenic, here with the 240,5m tall Rhine-tower during sunset.


Picture of January 2018

The collage shows a collection of the most beautiful photo moments of 2017 in Enzkreis, on the Baltic Sea coast, in Florida, Norway and Indonesia.