Kestrel Nesting-Diary 2024


March 5th (Outside temperature 8°C, overcast)

It has been a curious winter with only a few cold days. Spring seems not too far away and the birds are quite active already. Also our couple of kestrel shows up regularly. One can see them in the church-garden and on the roof, sometimes also in their niche. The cheeky jackdaws also keep making an appearance, but are immediately shooed out of the niche. One of the storks has already been seen in the eyrie on the church roof for four weeks, and his partner has also arrived again.

It should now only be a few weeks before the first eggs are laid, and we will report back in good time.


March 27th (Outside temperature 9°C, overcast)

Even if it doesn't look like it, the falcons are always on site, this morning a jackdaw was once again in the niche, but was warned in time by her partner before the tercel had clarified the ownership situation quite quickly.

Next door on the church roof, the white storks are already breeding, so fingers crossed for a successful brood. We will report back here too.

March 30th (Outside temperature 11°C, overcast)

Over the last few days, there have been a couple of confrontations with the jackdaws, during which the camera was touched and slipped. It is always quite an effort to set it up again on site, and the branches that were brought in were also removed. Let's see how long it lasts....

May 3rd (Outside temperature 13°C, sunny)

Today, the first egg has been laid. We have been made aware of it by a mindful spectator. this year it is a bit late, but there have been some signs of it coming up soon, already the last days.


June 4th (Outside temperature 13°C, sunny)

Today, the first chick has hatched. We have been made aware of it again by a mindful spectator.


June 5th (Outside temperature 20°C, sunny)

Today, already three chicks have hatched. The mother is covering them most of the time if she does not feed them.


June 7th (Outside temperature 20°C, sunny)

Today, four chicks can be seen. There is no information on the remaining fifth egg as of today.


After continuous watching the fifth chick can be confirmed too. It has hidden himself underneath the four others.


June 13th (Outside temperature 20°C, sunny)

Since yesterday we can see only four chicks left. One seems to have been too weak as the last ones often are.


June 14th (Outside temperature 18°C, cloudy)

Most observers have probably already noticed it, unfortunately there are only 4 young falcons left, they were protected by the mother for an unusually long time, i.e. covered, so that the exact number could not be determined. The father falcon still lays the food outside the niche and the mother then brings it to the young. Apart from that, everything looks normal, the young are mostly still cuddled up in their corner. It almost seems as if it is not the smallest one that has died. Unfortunately, we don't know what happened.