Travel report live-aboard Red Sea 2016 with the MY Independence II

(Brothers - Daedalus - Elphinstone)


Air Berlin had made us an offer that we could not refuse, a cheaper price and also a non-stop connection from Nuremberg to Marsa Alam. And so we sat in the plane to Egypt, almost on time and the service on board was significantly better than the competitors of the Condor (baggage rule, drinks, refreshment - we had but still ordered the Currywurst).

Immigration in Marsa Alam, including waiting for luggage not even lasted 30 minutes and then we were already going to Port Galib. The ship was fully booked with 20 divers, guides were Martin and Olivier, and not to forget, the boss personally was on board ..smiley. The next morning, the tour started, unfortunately, with 2 dives at this really somewhat boring reef (Ras Torombi, well: weight-check, moray, porcupine fish, blue spotted stingrays, 'shoot' SMB, the latter always an experience).


001Daedalusx.jpg 002PortGalibx.jpg 003BigBrotherx.jpg


But then it was time, on the 3rd day we went go: We were the only boat on Big Brother and the conditions were fantastic. Super view, hardly any current, but Napoleon, thresher shark and manta gave the honor, at the 2nd dive even at the wreck of MV Numidia best view. But then there were the washing machine in the afternoon and also the Longimanus did not show up.

Day 4 at Little Brother was recorded in the logbook as follows: 4 boats and 1 Longi, afternoon gray reef shark, Napoleon, Tunas and again the strong current.

In the evening, the trip to Daedalus at little surf, for a while we were accompanied by dolphins and the starry sky was sensational.

On day 5 there was the reunion with the Hammerhead school and in the afternoon we had a Silky-shark at the southern plateau. And as always the million Anthiinae, that trusting Napoleon, many anemonefish at Nemo City and even Mantas have been reported (not with us).

A successful end we had at Elphinstone Reef with two dives. Early in the morning, a drift dive, there was surprisingly little to see and later a dive with 4 dolphins, hammerheads and an intrepid tortoise.

The rest of the day we stayed at the Marina Lodge Hotel at Port Galib.

Only a short summary is missing: Everything was top - as always. Food tasts good anyway - as always too much. And the time has been over too early.

"Shokran" to the crew of the MY Independence II.

Thanks to Bluewater Safaris, Bernard, we'll be back (soon).

Thanks to the rest of the divers on board. Maybe we meet again. We really enjoyed the time with you.


004Riesenhusarx.jpg 005Barracudasx.jpg 006Numidiax.jpg
007HammerheadSharkx.jpg 008NotaufstiegamBigBrotherx.jpg 009Elphinstonex.jpg
010FahnenbarscheundTaucherx.jpg 011WartenaufLongix.jpg 012Numidiax.jpg