Nesting-Box Diary 2018

March 01st, 2018 (Outside temperature - 4°C, overcast)

The new season obviously seems to start soon, at least the weather forcast promises wormer temperatures for the weekend. Already end of 2017 one tit did stay overnight in our nesting-box on the balcony and sometimes also the box at the pond is occupied. On the balcony one can observe already nest-building activites.

March 17th, 2018 (Outside temperature 2°C, dull)

Update: Since the end of 2017 we had 2 sleeping tits, Mrs. Great tit in box no. 2 next to the pond and Mrs. Blue in the balcony nesting box no. 1. Mrs. Blue also started relatively early, already in January, with the delivery of moss, whereby at times only the ground was covered.

The nesting box No. 2 was left sometime by the great tit and was no longer used as a sleeping box.

Family Blue began then 2 days ago to build no more at the nest, but to move instead into the Nistkasten No. 3 in the basement (bedroom). This nest seems to be almost finished already after 2 days of construction time, the entrance hole was probably accepted, only the hollow is missing. However, frost has been announced for the coming nights, so it will certainly still take a few days before the eggs are laid.

Also today there was a longer inspection date of 2 great tit in the box No. 2, here we have the problem since last summer that constantly wasps wish to move in.

As in the previous year, both balcony and terrace are dominated by Mrs. Blue Tit, possible competitors are constantly scared away.


March 28th, 2018 (Outside temperature 7°C, unstable)

Now the great tit have also started to build their nest in box no. 2 after some common inspection appointments, however, one still takes some time with the renovation. The nest of the blue tits in the basement is now finished and already upholstered with many feathers.

April 17th, 2018 (Outside temperature 20°C, sunny)

Mrs. Blue Tit and Mrs. Great Tit started to breed on 10 eggs at the same time.


April 19th, 2018 (Outside temperature 22°C, sunny)

For some reason, the group of field wasps that had lodged in box no. 2 with the great tit is now gone. A few days ago we saw the remains of a wasp nest in the box, which were immediately removed from the tit. Possibly the bird itself destroyed the nest, which had been attached in the upper area near the camera.

April 22ndth, 2018 (Outside temperature 22°C, sunny)

Shortly before our departure to Northern Germany we noticed that not only the domestic redtails moved their nest back into the semi-cave on the terrace near the great tit.

For the first time the common linnet breed in our garden, which makes us especially happy, because according to the Red List this is an endangered species. The nest is strategically located at the edge of the property next to a road, but we will keep an eye on it.

April 26th, 2018 (Outside temperature 20°C, sunny)

After only 11 days the first chick is hatched with the great tit in the evening.

April 27th, 2018 (Outside temperature 17°C, sunny)

In the early morning 2 more chicks can be seen in the great tit nest, In the evening there are numbers 4 and 5. The blue tits have their first chick around 7 pm.

April 30th, 2018 (Outside temperature 17°C, unstable)

Yesterday there was an egg in the nest of the blue tits, probably it will not be hatched any more. One cannot say exactly yet, as always the number is uncertain also with the Great Tit. It is fed with the blue tits and also with the Great Tit by both partners.

May 03rd, 2018 (Outside temperature 17°C, sunny)

The last days went according to plan, in both nests an egg remained, which apparently was not hatched. We therefore assume 9 young in both the Great- and the Blue Tit.

May 05th, 2018 (Outside temperature 20°C, sunny)

As the temperatures rise again, it becomes somewhat unpleasant also in the nests. The great tit have been in rebellion for 2 days and climb up to the upper floor again and again, which the tit mama doesn't like at all. The latter therefore tries again and again to cool down the box.

The blue have more hair on the head, but are clearly 1-2 days back in behavior. The box also offers more shade at noon, perhaps that was the reason for their move.

May 10th, 2018 (Outside temperature 13°C, rain)

The first cooler day allows the tits to breathe a little, all 18 of them seem to be still in good health, the noise level is considerable.

At family Redstart they also breed, the common linnet nest was unfortunately destroyed, we found it lying empty on the street, the 5 eggs were gone. This is a real pity, the linnets moved on the same day, probably a second brood will immediately be started elsewhere.

May 12th, 2018 (Outside temperature 22°C, sunny)

Today we unfortunately found a dead blue tits child in box no.3. It is unclear what killed him.

May 13th, 2018 (Outside temperature 20°C, unstable)

Also this morning a dead blue tits chick lay in the box, outwardly completely unharmed.

May 16th, 2018 (Outside temperature 18°C, rainy)

Last night the mother of the blue tits slept in the empty box no. 1, probably a sign for moving out soon.


With the great tit everything seems to be in order, here also the departure is imminent, there are many flight exercises in the box. Probably because of the bad weather the parents do not lure their children out of the dry hiding place.


May 17th, 2018 (Outside temperature 18°C, rain and sunshine)

Unfortunately, in the nesting box of the blue tits there are only 6 chicks of formerly 9, also this morning we found again a dead young, outwardly completely unharmed. 2018 is really not a good year for our blue tits.

With the great tit the departure began this morning during a pouring rain, until 9 o'clock 2 young had flown out, between 2 and 3pm then 2 more. The remaining 5 were quite quiet and did not make any preparations to leave the box. They were still in the nearby bushes for quite some time and were accompanied to the neighbouring property by their father only in the early evening. Mama Great Tit probably slept in the box one last time.

The remaining 6 blue tits were of course infected and excited by the beep of the young great tits in the garden. Except for a few curious views through the exit hole, they all stayed in the nesting box. We expect the next day's excursion here as well, which will certainly benefit the smallest ones.

May 19th, 2018 (Outside temperature 20°C, sun)

Our prognosis was not quite right, the great tit took more time than we had expected. Yesterday they spent almost the whole day relatively relaxed in the nesting box, only in the evening 4 of them flew out one after the other. The remaining 2, including the much smaller one, spent the night in the box together with their mum, when we switched on the camera at 6.30 a.m. today, they had already flown out. Unfortunately we later found one of them dead next to our garden pond, not necessarily drowned, but fallen from the adjacent maple. He also had a strange red bump in his chest, similar to the dead blue tits. We have documented this, perhaps there will be an explanation.

The blue tits were almost all flown out yesterday morning between 9 and 9.30 a.m. one by one - hop - looked through the hole - screamed for food - crawled out - flown to the next bush or plummeting - gone. The parents had everything in view and there was no danger coming. One of them was so smart, he saved himself in the feed house. Later they all sat in the bushes, tiny and small compared to the great tit, but at least as loud.

As always, there are a few moments left from the trip.